The most obvious thing that we do each year is to brighten up the town with flowers. With a combination of hanging baskets purchased through Move2Improve by our business supporters to adorn their businesses and others provided by Move2Improve on basket trees around the town, many of which were provided by local organisations, we make Aberfeldy look a much more attractive stopping point for tourists.

In addition to the baskets Move2Improve and supporters plant and maintain at a number of sites around the town to maintain some colour in even the darkest winter months. It is however not just the baskets and the planting that is important it is also the watering, paid for by Move2Improve. In a hot dry summer like 2018 the watering assumes prime importance.

It is not just planting that we do however, we also endeavour to improve the appearance of the town by the provision of street furniture and sculptures. Move2Improve is responsible for the provision of metal benches at sites such as the Black Watch Monument and Lower Birks, also sculptures such as the Stag of Breadalbane on Crieff Road, the Three Salmon at the corner of the putting Green and the Osprey on the plinth at the eastern approach to the town. We are indebted to a number of local groups who helped to fund these.

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