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Aberfeldy in Bloom Competition.

2007 sees the comeback of trophies for Residents and Business around Aberfeldy who have put that little bit of extra effort into making the town a nicer and brighter place to live.


Towards the end of 2006 we advertised in local press and on Heartland FM that we were looking for "Aberfeldy in Bloom" trophies.


We thought it would be nice to introduce this again and maybe add a few categories to the list, so far we have had 3 main trophies returned and also know the whereabouts of a couple of others. We have had a very kind donation of a new trophy in the name of Mr & Mrs W & R Leszke.


The group thought that judging could take place in early summer each year .


We are grateful to have the help of 3 impartial judges; J. Jones, B. Stewart and C. McGregor.

That's the plans so far, so please look back again for an update of how things are going.

Aberfeldy In Bloom Trophies
Aberfeldy In Bloom - The Moness Trophy
					Aberfeldy In Bloom - William & Rosemany Leszke Cup Aberfeldy In Bloom - The King Shield Aberfeldy In Bloom - The Wade Cup Aberfeldy In Bloom - The C. Ross Shield



There are 4 main trophies and certificates for each category awarded this year. With 2 additional trophies being awarded this year with a view to setting up new categories in 2008.


1) Best Kept Garden

King Shield won by Mr & Mrs A Stewart, Ropeway Cottage
2. Mary Johnson / Ronald Williams, Nurses House, Moness Terrace
3. Betty Grattan, 47 Appin Place,
4. Evelyne / John Wallace, 8 Tayside Place


2) Best tourist accommodation.

Wade Trophy won by Mr & Mrs J Adams, 6 The Beeches
2.Tigh n Eileen, B&B
3.Susan McDonald Aberfeldy Cottages,
4. Cathy Ross B&B


3) Best container garden.

New Trophy from C. Ross won by Mary Johnson Moness Terrace
2. Robert Laing, Dyers Court
3. Alex Harrison 26 Churchill Court
4. Effie Morrison 8 Appin Place


4) Best Commercial front.

Moness Trophy won by Staff of Dalweem (Best Commericial)
2. Girvans,
3. Blue Sky Telemetry,
4. Plaice in the Square


The 2 additional categories are as follows:

Murray Rose Bowl - won by Mr & Mrs R Laing, Dyers Court (Best pensioner)


W & R Leszke Cup - won by Dewars Aberfeldy Distillery (Outstanding Display)


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